Our Management Principle

Matsutani Chemical Industry Co., Ltd. pledges to dedicate and contribute our services to support people’s healthy life through the development, manufacturing and supply of the reliable, safe and high quality starch products to people all over the world. We are continuing to find new inventions through our R&D and technical innovation. We will always respond to customer requirements and developing the product development to serve the customers need. Matsutani brand products are alwaysproduced with reliability and trust.

“We support people’s healthy and rich diet

through our starch products from natural origin”

Our Policy

  • We win customers’ trust and achieve social contribution by providing high quality starch products in compliance with laws and regulations.
  • We always work hard to create vigorous and comfortable workplace where is filled with smiles by respecting each other, in order to improve efficiency of the work.
  • We consistently address our quality management system to be always effective in order to fulfill our customers’ expectations.