Joint Venture

Establishment of Matsutani Trading (Thailand) Co., Ltd. a joined venture of Matsutani Chemical Industry and SMS Corporation.

Matsutani Chemical Industry is well known as a leading modified starch company in Japan. The company is engaged in production and sales of modified starch and dietary fiber products. Our sales & marketing and R&D divisions work closely with valuable customers in partnership to plan, develop, and introduce new novel starch products. Matsutani Quality Assurance and Quality Control division have been striving to keep responding customer requirements to achieve customer satisfaction by assuring safety and quality. We believe that our effort drives Matsutani Brand to consolidate even more trusted and appreciated.

logoMatsutani Chemical Industry Co., Ltd. (English version) (Japanese version)

SMS Corporation is the one of pioneer manufacturers of modified tapioca starch in the Asia-Pacific region certified with ISO 9001. Siam Modified Starch produces modified tapioca starch for supply to customers in Thailand as well as for export.

SMSSMS Corporation Co., Ltd.